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Accidentally sent BTC to a canceled invoice

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Hello, I apologize but I accidentally sent BTC (using BTCPay) to a canceled invoice while buying Gundam Evolution cheat tool. I was having problems paying with CC so I instead used BTC. I had multiple canceled invoice in my orders since I was trying to look for a crypto wallet (and also trying multiple times with CC) that would work and only found success with Binance.


This is the receipt of the BTC address I sent to : https://ibb.co/Lv1cRVs


As you can see here, the bottom one (0.00181456 BTC) was the wrong address and also the wrong amount (I haven't taken the fees into account). The first one was when I corrected the address and amount in which it went through successfully.


I would really appreciate the help with getting my BTC back. I also checked with BTCPay and they said only the merchant has access to their BTC wallets.

Thank you very much.


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Yes I did get the cheat on the second transaction when I fixed the amount and address, but before that, I sent a wrong amount to the address that had a canceled invoice and that payment also went through.

Additional info: It was my Order#8110 that I accidentally sent the BTC payment to. I still had the BTC address of this order in my clipboard when I tried paying with Binance and that's when I realized I paid to the wrong address. I tried paying again and it went through and got the cheat, but the first payment I made also went through.


Also here's the BTC address I accidentally sent to (receipt is on my first post): bc1qxfgv7hggtst9m9jvvf24v7w5j5y095c7uxhnwp

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Sadly those BTC Adresses do not belong to us but to the payment carrier. And because the invoice got canceled, they have the money. Try to contact them and maybe update me on the case (in the discord). Until then im going to close the thread as it doesnt have to do nothing with us anymore 😞 Good luck and I really hope you get your money back ❤️ 

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