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[Tower of Fantasy] Anything guaranteed undetected during solo play?

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Not planning to use features around other people, just planning to use damage/god mode to make shit like Wormhole and Bygone Phantasm faster/easier + collectibles ESP. Are these features more or less safe? I've been reading through threads and it looks like only people who used speed related hacks were banned right? On the same topic, has anyone reported bans from tp/step yet? those would be useful for collectibles.

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I don't play ToF but there is no such thing as "guaranteed" undetected. When using chairs of any kind, there is always the slightest chance to get banned. Sure it may remain undetected for now but that won't guarantee anything in the future. 


As a general rule of thumb, never use chairs on your mains and/or accounts you aren't willing to lose. This goes for any chair on any game. 

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