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5 hours ago, Father of the Rich Night said:

Hi, I'm thinking of acquiring the monthly subscription to see how it works and if I don't get banned. But, I would like to know first if the ESP on Chests/Boxes are able to find the Rare Storage Containers and Reinforced Storage Containers too? Appreciate in advance.

Not a Warframe player myself, the status of the cheat itself is UD.
as for the ESP Stuff we gonna need a warframe member to answer here

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just tried it out earlier, except for the no collision, other cheats such as wallhack/aimbot doesn't seem to work as intended, also the infinite health/energy/ammo doesn't work as well, probably due to recent game update this September 8, 2022. Unless I'm missing something like a "pressing a key to activate cheat" other than the insert button.


Requesting for update of the hack. Thank you

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