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s0ZNIz are proud to release a brand new product, DC Universe Online! Beat the competition with our DC Universe Online Cheat! Utilise SpeedHack, Teleports and our misc features to defeat your foes.



DCUO Trainer +54 Features list: 
General Hacks: 

-Unlimited Power
-Unlimited SuperCharge
-No Attack Delay (Remove the delay between attacks)
-Infinite Jumps
-Player Size Control (Change Player Size / Width/ length / height)
-Breath (Makes the Character attacks & casts faster + cancel the player attack animation and leaps)
-AttackLeap Control (Control the leap distance of every punch [UP/DOWN/SIDES]
Jesus Mode
-Walk on water
-Add swim water effects
-Flash running animation while flying
-Swim everywhere !
Movement speed manager
-Increase Jump distance
-Increase Running Speed
-Increase SuperSpeed Speed
-Increase Flight Speed
-OnPress Alt (increasing all movement speed at the same time when holding Alt key)
-Change Player positions with keys (left,right,forward,backward)
-Fly Mode (Keep the player on the height you choose)
-Full NoClip (Makes the player go through any object !)
-Semi NoClip (Get go through some walls, and in this kind of noclip can be used to shoot through walls in some cases)
-Watchtower (Tech Wing,Meta Wing,Magic Wing)
-Metropolis (ChinaTown,Midtown,Little bohemia)
-Gotham (East end,Diamond district,Arkham Asylum)
-Save Location & Teleport to saved location
Custom Teleports: 
-Create your own teleport on the location you want and teleport it any time you need
-Manage your teleports & folders and remove them
-Increase game speed
-Make everyone swim
-Add water effects to everyone
-Freeze Player
-Take Everyone Soul out (leave everyone body left behind)
-HighLight Mode (Increase all visual effects and lights in the game)
-Fake Name Changer (Change your name to random name or Blank Name, can be used for streams/videos)
-PickUp Dance (perform Funny pickup dance)
-Crazy Teleport (teleporting the player in a circle, distance can be configured)
Chat Spam: 
-Set a message and spam it in chats
-Emotes Spammer manager (add/remove emotes you want and spam them)
Auto Attack: 
-Spam the mouse clicks (Left click,Right Click,Hold left Click,Hold Right Click)
-OnPress X (spam the mouse clicks only when X key is down)
-Enemy Detector (Spam when a enemy detected)
-Speed Control (Control the speed of your attacks)
Destroy Character: 
-Permanently destroying your character
Exobit Radar: 
-Shows the locations of Exobits,Exclamation mark,Question Mark)
Anti Afk: 
-Anti Afk (Prevent your character from getting kicked for being Away from keyboard
-NotifyMe (The trainer will give you a message once there is alert in game)
Enemy Cheats: 
 Enemy teleports
-TeleKill enemies ON/OFF (Teleport to the enemies and spray them down !)
-OnPress C (Teleports only when holding down C)
-Lock On Press (Lock only on one enemy)
-Disable StickMode (Takes 2m away from the enemy)
-Don't attack (only teleports to the enemy)
-Crazy Teleport (Teleporting to the enemy in circle)
-Pad Teleport (Teleporting to all pads in the map)
-Set TeleTimer (Change the speed of the teleport)
 Battle Helper
-Auto KickUp (kick player up once the health below what you configure)
-Auto Soda (Auto use soda once the health below what you configure)
-Auto Revive (Auto teleport to your last location you died)
-BreakBlock (Auto block breaking your enemy)
Ad Bot: 
-Post a message for you every amount of time you choose in /LFG or /Shout or both
Crash Uploader Closer: 
-Force Closing The crash upload window
Route Manager: -Create your own route and cycle teleport between it
**Name Changer (Cost additional payment & Diamomd access required)
-Prevents players from reporting you ingame / in videos**



All CPU's/GPU's
Windows 10/ 11 (until Build 22000)


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