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The Cycle Review

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Have to say this cheese is bloody delicious mate. I find the game much more fun now not being on the side getting spanked all the time. At least now I can tell who also has the cheese coming for me XD

But yea enough of me and more of the cheese itself.

- ESP: 9/10, shows where people are and is adjustable, bloody excellent. Only slight con is how the skeleton outline is not always exactly where the player is (very slightly off if behind walls/objects), but still good enough to determine location
- LOOT: Yes, love the latest update to show rarity, saves me time and trouble looking for what I need
- MINERALS: ^^ same as above, super easy to hit the right spots
- AIMBOT: easy headshots, though since I like to work on my aim, I keep it off most of the time
- SERVICE: s0ZNIz resolved my query pretty quickly so I am a happy chap

- Only had one weird instance where rapidfire was "on" eventhough I had the option off, just had to restart the game + cheese and it was reset to normal
- Didn't work initially on Win11, so had to reinstall Win10 to get it working for now
- Would like more description of what each customisation/configuration means, though trial and error works too

I would like a lite version of just ESP + LOOT since I don't use the aimbot, but that's a minor point, I think the pricing is pretty fair for what the cheese delivers.

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