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Interested in purchasing The Cycle Frontier product

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Hello I’m interested in purchasing the cycle frontier product. I just have a few questions. Firstly can the cheat be used in native Fullecreen mode? Their are some cheats that only work in borderless or other resolutions and it negatively effects the frame rates. So just want to make sure it can be used in its native resolution


secondly, I like to use a controller, will I be able to use the aimbot via the steam controller input? Or do I have to remap it manually.


lastly are their any risky features to avoid? Thank you 

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Only borderless, since it's external product.
and Nope Aimbot won't work with a controller unless you using some 3rd party software to simulate Controller buttons to keyboard

As of Risky the game just officially released and need to see what they changed there since the Playtest

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