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GTA RageMP/FiveM review!!

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functional hacks, screen shot proof and pretty decent

but there is only a Health bar for esp and no armour bar therefor if an enemy has armour on there is no way to tell and it apprears they arent taking damage, if there was a armour bar the hacks would be ecellent


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i would like to mention that if this menu was shown a little more love it could be very popular as many RageMP servers are vertually hack vs hack at this point and the only other external hack costs $23 a month other hacks are avaible but are all screen internal making them prone to screen shots (the primary anticheat used on these servers)


with a couple tweeks to the esp making it more customisable;

.adding armour bar

.opacity of skelitons

.and change the placement of the health bars (under, above or verical)


i could see this cheat being popular amoung these communites



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