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Valorant Pixelbot Review

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Ever since the cheat went to verified members I obviously decided to cop.. so here's what I think, gonna keep it pretty short for obvious reasons


The menu is sleek, simple asf. nothing flashy really needed. 


The good: pixelbot works fine Lmao no need for confidence slider , just the right amount of features, simple menu, UNDETECTED/"UNDETECTABLE", no need to update it after any valorant update (unless they fuck with colors or whatever)

The bad: Spray detection is janky sometimes, idk if its because idk how it thinks/works or is my pull power settings or if its ass..., takes a lil to figure out how to try to make a config, can be hard to make a decent config especially if u dont know wtf ur doing (me). for example idk wtf to put pullpower on for SD?? its just numbers or maybe im just dumb, the price is also a little high imo for an exclusive pixelbot although it is basically virtually undetectable, no polymorphic shit yet

The bad, but also good?: no config saving, doesn't save last used settings, less features?? idk how to explain


TLDR of ramble: A lil high priced exclusive virtually undetectable, never need to update external valorant pixelbot works perfectly fine imo, but can feel a lil janky at times or maybe its just me idk theres like 2 users.....


Btw did I mention it's for "verified" members only?? 


unknown.pngmenu Lol , note: turn off the fov square its distracting

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