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Genshin Impact REVIEW/Guide??? (Vers. 2.5)

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With 2.6 around the corner in about 10 days.. and me on the verge of selling my main Genshin account, I think now is a good time to write a review this product.


BACKSTORY - I came into the Genshin scene when it was released and instantly thought how great it would be to tp, kill things fast asf, make/sell roll accounts etc etc or just progress faster. So my friend linked me the Selly for s0ZNIz's Genshin cheat, and I instantly recognized the name as I used his ms2 cheat for a good amount of time, so I said why not? and bought it monthly at first.


SECURITY - This product has NEVER been detected by Mihoyo's systems. The only bans that have been laid out are from people using features in the "Risky" section. Surprising right? Risky?? as for the loader security, as far as I know its never been cracked/leaked or whatever, and the login system works perfectly fine (usually). DO NOT USE/RUN/OPEN THIS CHEAT WHEN VANGUARD/EAC OR ANY ANTICHEAT FOR OTHER GAMES ARE OPEN!!!! I learned this the hard way when Valorant delay banned some accounts and realized I had this open with vanguard on Lol. Others reported Rainbow Six bans.


Now for the menu and its features. the more notable features will have more written most likely.


MENU - has a nice polymorphic engine, here are the features talked about..


PLAYER: Jumpy Mode - Was never very useful to me, you just only jump when you sprint ? maybe you can combine with low gravity and super jump? or troll in co-op, Janky

                 Low Gravity - Also not very useful, I suppose you could combine with jumping fts like I said. or troll co-op, Janky

                 Full no fall damage - I used to use this feature but switched to semi, this make you fall very slowly so you don't take fall damage.

                 Semi no fall damage - Now this is the better no fall damage to use because you fall faster and can use the movement speed mod and not die going over ledges. and while falling you can just no clip downwards to fall faster. You fall freely BUT stops your character every ~1 second when falling straight down making you not receive fall damage. (duh)

                 Fly Hack - Never used this for anything, It just locks character in place whether in the air or not. idk if I'm using it wrong or what but seems useless

                 Rapid Fire - Possibly the 2nd most useful feature on the menu, all of your attacks are RAPID as in they attack much faster and you hit much more times. Makes killing ANYTHING easy as fuck, even if under leveled or if you don't do enough damage you can press f1 to open book and it freezes you in the rapid fire state still hitting an enemy, for example a hard boss and they can't hit you. Just don't have book open for too long as it ends up freezing your game because RF on too long. Example. Example2. 

                 Ghost Mode - This is now the best way to not die in abyss or domains if mob vac is deciding not to work and you're lazy. The mobs simply act like you're not there and you can kill them with RF with ease.

                 Disable Enemy Attacks - Now feels inferior to ghost mode in domains/abyss because mihoyo did something with spawns and when another wave of enemies spawn with this hack on they'll float in the air and be unhittable. For example happens with slimes, with other mobs they don't even show up. Also it stops boss and smaller boss mobs to not phase.

                 Gravity Jumps - Useless and janky asf, no clue how this was originally intended to work honestly.

                 Paralyzed Enemies - Enemies are alerted you are there but just stand still making them easy to kill. I forgot how or if this works well in abyss/domains due to when more enemies spawn but I just stick to Ghost Mode.

                 Movement speed / Super Jump + climb - Always use no fall damage when using movement speed as you will die instantly if you run off the smallest ledge. Both self explanatory and work fine. You have sliders to adjust how fast.

                 "Smart" Automove - You move in a straight-ish line and you can set the speed... can confirm it is not very smart and not very useful either.

                 Spinning Character - For the memes, you set the speed at which you spin to win.

                 Camera Zoom - Self explanatory, you have a slider to control the zoom, 1 = zoomed all the way in like you do with the scroll wheel, 2 = zoomed the furthest you can do with the scroll wheel and zooms out a little more when enemies attack, 3+ = too much to do anything.. 3 might be useable ? Also you can lock the Camera of course if you want. Zoomss


Teleports: Now here is the feature that used to be the BEST to use, but Mihoyo sadly added some lazy bandage fix that teleports you back to your original place on the map if you move too far too fast. Now you need a "bypass" which forces a loading screen between you and when you tp so its very slow and buggy. I personally stopped using this because it is such a pain to get to work. You have to have map open before you tp or something now blah blah or you get tped to middle of the ocean or a very random spot. You can have a folder of txt files that have coordinates to tp to things you want right now fast* and easy* with hotkey. Very nice. You can log your XYZ here too. 

                  Manual No Clip - Extremely useful and works perfect. You can move North, South, East, West, Up, Down with the keys right below the print screen button. Make sure you have no fall damage on because you can fall underground or whatever you do. I personally use this on power 3 to move around with ease.


Combat: Vacuum Hack - THIS is the most useful feature. WHEN it is working anyways but I'll get to that. if you haven't cheated in like any game like genshin, this allows you to "vacuum" or suck every entity in the area up to 200 entities. Not recommended to go over like 50, as entity means NPC's, WATER, Mobs, Drops, Birds, Any wild animal. Vac and disable stick mode, which makes the entities NOT be directly on you but have a certain space in front of you. is the BEST way to clear out mobs in any area in the open world or easily kill monsters in domains/ABYSS. There is also a semi outdated feature called kickdown that, for me, works better than the new version but it makes the monsters fall thru the ground and instantly die DOES NOT WORK IN ABYSS ANYMORE. Now the Vacuum hack has been changed many times due to mihoyo doing things to the game over time.


Vac often decides to simply not work in domains/abyss so you have to leave and go back in, try turning it on right when you enter, logout log back in, or restart game. Which is very annoying to deal with. or its just kickdown that decides not to work.


                  Pad Teleporter - I have never used this since release not once, never found like I have ever needed it. As far as I know it moves those pads you jump on to you? or teleports you to them? I have no idea not gonna lie.

                  Enemy Modification - This has the new "falldown" which makes them despawn aka die instantly. This has always been more inconsistent than vac+falldown for me so I just use that *shrug* but at least crazy enemy movement and spinning enemies works consistently??


Risky: This here has all the features that has a big chance of banning you, whether it be for a month or forever. I do hear that some still work and do not ban but I wouldn't know


MENU SUMMARY - I'd say there's enough useful features here for you to buy, and make your genshining life easier. 

                                     List of notable Patched/removed/possibly unfixable features: 

                                     Teleport: Gutted by Mihoyo, barely works now

                                     Disable Enemy Attacks: Somewhat broken by Mihoyo, mobs spawning get stuck

                                     Vac Hack: Inconsistent, sometimes doesn't work due to so many changes/updates by mihoyo

                                     Chest ESP: Removed from Menu, not sure why, was banning at some point I believe? 

                                     Chinese Version of GI support: I'm not sure if this works on there anymore ?

                                     GameSpeed: Bans now

                                     Infinite ultimate: Bans now

                                     No Skill Cooldown: Bans now

                                     Mob ESP: Bans now

                                     Infinite Bow Charge: Bans now

                                     Vac Falldown/Mob Despawn: Doesn't work in Abyss anymore.


                                    Notable Menu/loader issues: Sometimes the servers are down randomally (not s0z fault), sometimes you'll get an error message but you just try again and it usually works.

                                    Notable things that kind of suck imo: having to pay for hwid (I've never had to but still), sluggish support but now its better because of this website, discord dead ? not much peers to talk to on the spot like the ol days, not much people have migrated here yet either


                                    Notable nice things: instant access now with the website up, sleek asf design very nice looking menu


OVERALL SUMMARY - When this came out I would easily recommend you buy lifetime ASAP. Now I think you should probably just get a month or 3, lifetime now may not be worth it. Buy lifetime if you plan on playing Genshin for at least another year, I believe Mihoyo doesn't patch anything really unless its rage hacks or something that loses them money. So lifetime could be worth it still because of that. Its up to you. Nothing new has been patched or fixed or causing bans for a while so. knock on wood


At release I rate 9/10, As of March 20, 2022 over a year after the game released I would rate it 5.5/10 or 6/10 in terms of usefulness, Definitely not s0ZNIz's fault that mihoyo cleaned some shit up, he updates the cheat within 24h of every patch usually so that's very nice.


I apologize if there's bad formatting or run on sentences. Never done this before Lol


Also shoutout to @Rendomfor crystal service since basically the beginning of game that still works btw ? he funded almost my whole acc with it lol and he is a fast reseller


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Insane review mate, Nice to see finally a good Genshin review from a OG member.
As for the features, Genshin did patched shit overtime sadly, The menu on 2020 / early 2021 obviously was much more powerful with the fast teleports and all players abusing Inf Ult & CD in abyss.

No CD & Inf Ult, Mob ESP they still perfectly fine on the open world, my testing account still lasts for month with those features
In Abyss or other trials it's a different story ofcourse.

Thanks for the review ❤️

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  • 1 month later...

 i used rapid fire since 2021 ,  it's my favorite feature
i abused it in Abyss to the top floor but still no ban until now, i wonder if i was just so lucky?
Another question is this feature still remain undetected? idk i've stop playing for few months now. Will consider purchasing it lifetime in the future

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11 hours ago, ElHeeHee said:

 i used rapid fire since 2021 ,  it's my favorite feature
i abused it in Abyss to the top floor but still no ban until now, i wonder if i was just so lucky?
Another question is this feature still remain undetected? idk i've stop playing for few months now. Will consider purchasing it lifetime in the future

Reaching Top of Abyss of actually not that hard as legit, by either paying or managing your resources as Freemium pretty well.

I was doing it myself until i softlocked my account. No, the softlock was not related to the cheat.


So you can do Abyss Cheating pretty safely. Unless you touch risky features before.

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On 23/04/2022 at 01:01, ElHeeHee said:

 i used rapid fire since 2021 ,  it's my favorite feature
i abused it in Abyss to the top floor but still no ban until now, i wonder if i was just so lucky?
Another question is this feature still remain undetected? idk i've stop playing for few months now. Will consider purchasing it lifetime in the future

i know im late asf but rapid fire is perfectly fine 

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