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Video & Review [Dead By Daylight]


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Captain Meatball
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Hi, as it's my first review dont blame me if I make anything wrong ^,^

Anyway! I checked cheat and it's easy to use, even child will be able to play with that. About few thinks by me:


  1. Wh is working well and shows place where killer/surv exacly is
  2. Aimbot for easy 1 button activate
  3. Auto skillcheck is the best for surv ?


  1. About WH - on mode with distance it shows player nick name - sometimes we dont want it (just like me in this video, but it's small problem)
  2. Aimbot doesnt have predictions as in shooter games and sometimes it is hard to hit even with that - only if surv is in straight line from us. Not so big problem anyway


As it's review I will write my little problem I had. For first time I was trying to play with auto skillcheck - that wasnt working and nothing wanned to fix it. In next game I got idea and it's also tip for you - If your auto skillcheck doesnt work, just simply restore defaults settings for keyboard in game options ? I had key changed and that was the problem! So here you go solution ^.^


About video I dont see option to add it only on that site so I upload it to Youtube. Anyway this video is not showcase for us here - this is alredy made - this video is only how casual games as surv and killer looks like - for me killer side is fun with this all. Also that shows think - noob like me in this game can become monster after few games on it ?

Check video and let me know how you feel into it, couse it's my first made/edited video ?Dead by daylight cheat by s0zniz - ESP/AIM/AutoSkillcheck

+ Forgot to add, about ideas if that will be possible in future to add esp on items, chests and hatch that would be really nice ?



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