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Destiny 2 with AMD/Win 11 22H2

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Hi guys, excited to see a new community around D2, I'm mostly a PvE player and options for having some fun are still appreciated.


Can I just check before I go through verification if the D2 package you have worked on is 100% compatible with AMD? And also, it appears if I am on Windows 11 22H2 I would have to rollback to 21H2, is this correct (or Windows 10).


Thanks, hope to be subscribed shortly.

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17 minutes ago, s0ZNIz said:

Works for AMD that's not the issue, your Win 11 22h2 is the issue, so you either need to rollback some windows updates back to Win11 21h2
or simply any version of Windows 10 🙂


Excellent thanks, nabbed a Windows 11 21h2 ISO and will now do a clean install, turn off automatic updates, reinstall what I need to and setup a sub. Then help spread the word for AMD folks with a review or two!

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what happened to the destiny 2 cheat?


15 hours ago, tuffy09 said:

what happened to the destiny 2 cheat?

My guess they either took it off for now since I saw that bungie added checks for stuff like unlimited ammo, healt, abilities etc or they just decided to stop it in general since as we all know bungie sues every cheat dev that exists and they dont give a shit



its only for verified members.

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